Premium Grade Mulch

Protect your Waiheke garden from weeds and drought, while feeding it. 



Why Premium Mulch

Premium Mulch has been aged for a period of at least 6 months in a large pile that activates hot pyrolysis. This kills seeds and other bugs, while breaking down the mulch for faster nutrient release into your garden.

It's a super layer for your garden that protects from weeds, drought, and looks great. 


How Much Mulch Is 3 Cubic Metres?

If you've seen our skip bins, 3 cubic metres is the size of our knee height ones. 

It's enough to cover a typical Waiheke Island garden area. About 6m by 6m. 

Where Can We Deliver?

We can deliver pretty much wherever a skip bin can be dropped off. The skip bin truck will back up and tip the bin, so will need to be on reasonably flat ground, with about 4m height clearance. There are additional charges for far off areas like Cowes Bay 

When Can We Deliver?

During January. Put your order in now

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