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Ten Ton Project 

Help Us Stop Waiheke's Construction Waste Going To Landfill

What We're Up To

When Lavara and I took on The Rubbish Company we saw a massive problem with landfill volumes coming from construction waste. It was hard to watch over 150 tons a month going to landfill that could be recycled. The transfer station was the only option and they don't recycle construction waste. 

We decided to take a leap of faith and setup a Construction Waste Sorting Facility on island to redirect everything we could away from landfill, starting with what comes through our skip bins.

We approached key organisations and community groups for support and were overwhelmed with support.


In particular we'd like to thank our partners who are making this a reality:

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How It Works

Once we open the facility (ETA March 2019), you'll be able to order recyclable skip bins on Waiheke. We'll sort the waste and divert it to those on island who can reuse it, and to those off island who can recycle it. We expect to be able to recycle 80% of a bin's contents and will aim for 100% within the next 3 years. 

Follow Our Journey

Come along for the ride on Facebook, and contribute to our journey. We'll be redistributing a bunch of great stuff too, so find something for your next project.

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