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Terms & Conditions
Skip Bins & Fill

By placing a skip bin or clean/hard fill order you agree to the following. 

  1. Bins packed over the top of bins will not be picked up. If we come to pickup a bin that is over height a $100 travel, no pickup fee will be added to the invoice. Bins must be packed in a way that does not risk material falling off while travelling for obvious road, health and safety reasons.

  2. Each bin has an allocated weight as displayed on this website. You agree to pay the tip charges associated with any weight beyond this. Terms for overweight charges are 3 days for casual users. 

  3. Clearing your account is required prior to pickup or disposal of the final bin/load at any address whether on account or casual. No payment, no pickup/disposal. 

  4. Clean Island Ltd reserves the right to empty the bin contents, or equivalent volume where it was filled if complete outstanding payment is not made within 10 days of the final due date. This is to avoid incurring tip fees for unpaid waste volumes. Due warning will be provided. 

  5. Due to the weight and material of a bin, there is certain wear and tear, such as but not limited to concrete scratching, denting, cracking or sinking that can occur on the surface where a bin is dropped and retrieved. We take no responsibility for this damage as it is unavoidable. We will however place and pickup bins in a professional manner as to minimize any damage.

  6. Damage to branches under 30mm in diameter as part of truck movements necessary for drop/pickup within a property are deemed acceptable unless instructed prior to drop. 

  7. Bins that are moved from where they are placed must be returned to the initial spot prior to pickup. 

  8. Any damage caused to the bins by hydraulic compacting, moving, or other actions not fitting the bin's primary purpose will incur remedial fees, including transport to the Auckland engineer.

  9. The person or company who orders the bin is defined as the 'hirer' and holds ultimate liability for hire, regardless of their relationship with other parties or nominated invoice name/payee. 

  10. Prohibited items added to bins will result in return of items and/or removal costs being invoiced including handling fees.

  11. Rental periods for bins are 4 days residential and 21 days builders who are rotating bins on a long term project. Rental beyond this may be charged at $90 per week. 

  12. Bins are not automatically picked up at the end of a rental period. It is the renter's responsibility to request a pickup by text, email or phone call. 

  13. Fill (clean, mixed, hard) is defined as concrete, rocks, bricks, asphalt, clay, sand, dirt and ceramic tiles. No other waste can be placed in a 'fill' Skip Bin. General weight fees will apply to mixed waste bins.

  14. Any costs incurred in collection of unpaid charges will be borne by the hirer. 

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