Waiheke Skip Bins & Business Waste

Providing sustainable solutions to Waiheke's waste.

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General Waste

9m3    1500kg included    $490.00

 6m3     1000kg included    $390.00

4.5m3  750kg included    $350.00 

3m3     500kg included    $290.00 

Includes drop off, tip fees, pickup and 4 days casual users, 3 weeks for builders who will swap the bin multiple times during a build. Additional days available on request in advance, for a small charge. No Asbestos, Paint, Tyres, Batteries, liquids, dirt. Fill to the top only. Excess weight is billed at cost. Full terms and conditions here. Prices are ex GST.

Green Waste

9m3     $350.00

6m3     $290.00
3m3     $220.00 

No Timber or branches over 100mm in diameter. No Roots, Soil, Wandering Jew, Toi Toi, Old Mans Beard, Pampas, Moth Plant, Ginger, Bamboo, Flax, Palm Leaves, Cabbage Tree, Gorse, Yucca, Agave, Agapanthas, Asparagus Ferns. If contaminated the bin is charged as general waste.

Dirt & Concrete (3m bins) - Currently Unavailable.

Clean fill     $290.00

Wet fill        $390.00

Mixed fill     $340.00

Hard fill     $590.00

Clean fill is either clay or topsoil that does not contain vegetation.
Wet fill is clean fill that is wet and therefore not friable.
Mixed fill is a mixture of clean fill and hard fill
Hard fill is concrete, bricks, asphalt, pebbles, rocks, stones, scoria, tar seal, roof tiles and flooring tiles. No steel.

Garbage Truck
Landfill Management

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Questions? Call Jeremy: 0201001001


Questions? Call Jeremy: 0201001001

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